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Make money driving with awesome people also headed to where you're going.

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Create a driver profile by providing some basic information about your vehicle and banking information — so we can pay you.

Other app features

Real-time? Real Talk.

Our group chat lets everyone on the trip stay connected and join in on the conversation.
Giving you a truly interactive experience.

In addition, drivers can chat privately any passenger to better accommodate their needs. Passengers can also privately message the driver for any personal requests. Now this is building a community!


From our trusted community of users, you see exactly who your passengers are, learn more about them and, best of all, see their past performance with reviews. Drivers, you're not off the hook either! Our support staff is prompt to warn users who receive a low rating and further suspend those who don't reform.

We live in a beautiful world, so lets keep it that way!

Making an Impact.

With each trip, users can see the amount of CO2 emissions saved and their positive impact on the environment.

We're doing out part too! In partnership with the Niagara Sustainability Initiative, we're launching an annual tree-planting initiative to offset the carbon footprint created by our users.

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